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October 23rdh, 2020

So, it’s been brought to my attention that both the FB page and group, as well as my personal profile, are flagged by FB as possibly linked to the world-famous, highly dangerous, highly inflammatory, always growing in numbers, especially dubious collective known as QAnon.

*spoopy sounds*

Obviously, we’ve arrived. Hooray, us!
Sadly, we’ve arrived at a point where a bevvy of Community Standards violations (one of them doled out for something posted all the way back in August that doesn’t even breach CS, but thanks to the COVID protocol in place can’t really be challenged effectively), my personal and fervently QAnon supporting profile has been banned for 30 days. After having been banned for 16 days. After having been banned for 3 days. And 7. And… Here, check this out:

Oi, Z-Man, I’m all for equal opportunity hiring, but maybe you should keep the Parkinson’s people away from the ban buttons since they can’t seem to help but tremor all over the bloody lot.

Anyway, as you can well understand, this puts me at an impossibility of carrying out my highly irregular, dangerous, and illegal dealings as a freshly anointed member of the QAnon cabal. Thus I must look elsewhere for avenues through which the gospel of Saint Anon (Or Annie Q to his close friends - yes, he identifies as a man) might be brought to the masses…

...of dipshits modmining social media platforms.

As such, a poll has been created in The Gung-Ho Group, where it shall remain for about a week in order to gauge interest in our next steps towards full QAnon-imity and the salvation of the world.

In our quest to #KeepAmericanPoliticsGrating and fulfill our wildest ambitions of enacting true change in the very fabric of world leadership by getting bottom bell jeans to stage a comeback as Pants of the United States this November, we are looking at a variety of platforms with which to keep memeing and carry on:

If you’ve got any other suggestions, we await your input, as well as your donations towards the QFund for purchasing a QYaht, over in said group. Remember, we’re all meeting over for QDrinks at the QBarbecue place later on this month.

Have as nice a day as Qyou deserve!

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