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August 24th, 2020

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Considering all other pricks at GHG are quite busy with their other projects (r. Lazy) [Editor's Note: Hey! I'll have you know that… ah, forget it], it fell to my back to try something new and to try to write review for movie. It's not something I'm excited for, but hey, I'm never excited for anything.

So let's jump together into this new adventure – I can hear you bastards laughing!

So, movie that I'm reviewing currently is Superman – Man of Tomorrow which was released on the 23rd of August 2020. It’s new movie from DC Universe Animated Original Movies and it’s also first movie in rebooted universe. If you didn’t know, previous “universe” consisted of movies from Justice League: War (2014) and finished with Justice League Dark: Apokolips War (2019). At end of Apokolips War, Flash messes up timeline (again) so there is new series of movies. (No, don’t bitch about spoilers. It’s not spoiler – that is what Flash is always doing).

So what to say about Man of Tommorow? Let’s start with plot. It follows young Superman in his early days in Metropolis when he is still unfamiliar figure to most of Metropolis and we see how he develops from Clark Kent from Smallville into that icon which whole world admires (Shut up, Batman fans) [I ain't saying bat-shit]. It is obviously inspired by comic Superman: American Alien written by Max Landis (review pending). Plot isn’t exactly action filled – it mostly focuses on Superman's personal growth and that part is shown amazingly. In a way it is similar to what Zack Snyder tried to do in first half of Man of Steel but here that growth and Superman doubts were shown in kinda deeper way than in MOS. That isn’t attack on MOS – both are great showing but here there is bigger focus on that. There are some small plot contrivances but I don’t want to explain them in detail because I don't want to spoil anything (yes, I'm not total prick) [jury's still out on that…].

Second important thing to mention are characters. Superman is awesome and he is shown in awesome way. He is a vulnerable character, full of doubt and he is really worried about how people will receive him when he truly reveals himself (not like that bat-freak from Gotham) [I agree, Robert Pattinson is a freak], which was awesome. Lois is also awesome character and she shows how badass reporter she is from very start. Her introducing scene is amazing but that brings me to Lex. He is kinda secondary antagonist in movie but in a first several scenes he is shown as kinda just another corporate moron which really bothered me but they corrected that in second part of movie. One character I actually did mind how they changed was Perry White. While in comics he is tough but compassionate boss here he is shown as shown as just dick (real life comparison would be to my editor Costin – he is that kind of dick) [jury's come to that conclusion a long time ago].

There are also two of big famous characters who are also fan favorite but to talk about them would spoil story so they will remain a secret until you watch movie (if you did, you know who I'm talking about and you probably have already made your opinion about them).

There is one character I still have to mention – main antagonist: Parasite. I was really excited when I saw that he will be part of movie and I liked his story arc for majority of story until end [ok, spoiler alert!] when they turned him into fucking Godzilla. No, I'm not joking. God, I wish I was. One of most iconic Superman foes was turned into fucking lizard, and to put salt to the wound, fight looked quite simmilar to fight with Doomsday from BVS. Parasite is cool character but who for some reason has been mostly forgotten, especially in Superman movies and cartoons. To be frank, he had cool development through movie but that Godzilla part ruined it for me.

When it comes to animation it is pretty bad. It looks like more sophisticated version of Archer show, and after those stunning animations from previous movies this was total let down. I hope that this was just one try and that DC will return to classic animation. Fights weren’t spectacular or exciting and that was mostly fault of that damn animation.
Another big problem for that was voice cast. They changed whole crew from last movie and it shows. It was professionally made but it sounded kinda soulless like they didn’t put any more effort than was minimum required to finish the job (I’m especially looking at you, Ryan Hurst) [dammit, Opie!] and that really sucks.

So what to say in end?
To be honest, movie was let down. It had so much potential but it mostly wasn’t realized. I mean it’s ok movie but it could have been so much more but they didn’t want to risk it so they gave us fucking Godzilla. Fuck, I can’t get over that. Also, it may be that I would like this movie better if it didn’t came after the masterpiece Apokolips War and I had high expectation. Maybe too high.

To conclude: it is ok movie, nothing spectacular and in lots of aspects forgettable. Would I recommend watching it? Yes, but it is not a must. Now join Parasite Godzilla and go away from me.

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