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January 28th, 2020

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...I said I won't review second book in Clockwork Vampire series but people know I’m dick who cannot be trusted. So, considering that first book ended on cliffhanger I had to check what happened. I was so shocked that just prologue which has two pages is much more interesting and advances plot much further than whole first book did. So, you’re gonna read my drivel about second book called Soul Stealers (if you’re upset about me breaking my word, #BlameCostin because I do not give a shit about you).

Ok, what happened in prologue is revelation that whole vampire invasion wasn't meant to save Vampire society which is dying but to awaken some kind of Vampire gods called Vampire Warlords (very original) who created actual vampires. It seems that actual vampires who remained created all Clockwork vampires - vachines (Editor’s Note: I snuckled, which is a snort followed by a chuckle) - to create army through which they could conquer human kingdoms and find something called Soul Gems which could revive Warlords. Convoluted shit but ok.

So, what happened to Kell? His niece was kidnapped by some bandits who want Kell to help them find a way to Vampire society so that they can become immortal. Great plan, I know. Kell travels to find his niece, again killing everything in his path, and he is followed by magical vampire assassins called Soul Stealers (hence, name of novel).

(E.N.: couldn’t find a relevant picture, so here’s Remic with an axe ^)

I can guess what question your simple minds want to ask: Is this book any improvement over first one? Answer is yes. It is huge improvement. It doesn't solve all problems from first one, but at least this time there is no doubt author just made bad story or intended for it to be a mystery. It seems that Kell’s axe is actually magical. It is made to kill vampires by another ancient race called Ankarok and Kell is their chosen one so that is why he is so good at killing. They also play active role in this book but it seems more as Remic is saving them for third book. Kell also explains why he knows so much about Vachines. If you want to know reason read fucking books, you lazy bastards.

My general take is that book is much better than first one. Characters are developed and whole world building started going on but problem is that it's kinda came too late. It's like Remic has remembered after finishing first book that we don't know anything about world and he started correcting things in second book. Same applies to characterization and character development. Kell didn't change that much but Saark did (yes, I guessed correctly at hints in first books), and through his conversation with Kell we learn that neither of them is complete idiot.
Yes, when mentioning idiots: Nienna. In this book she is still completely useless but her altruism actually has a role in moving plot so she isn't annoying (as much).

This book has enough interesting stuff in it so I’ll definitely read and review third book, but you should also remember that I am dick who cannot be trusted.

Now go away!

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