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December 12th, 2019

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I’m back on the trail, coming at ya with another Star Wars Legends Review…

Non-Spoiler Review

The second book of Fate of the Jedi is just as good as the first one. Luke and Ben are still on their fact-finding mission to discover how Jacen fell to the dark side of the Force. The New Jedi Order and Galactic Alliance Chief of State Natasi Daala are still at each other’s throats and more Jedi are becoming afflicted by the mysterious mental illness. Allana/Amelia has more screen time and is becoming a more fleshed-out character. A certain journalist has become a thorn in the side of the Jedi and of Imperial Remnant Head of State Jagged Fel.

The ancient enemies of the Jedi are also on the rise, with them making a larger appearance this time. Another Force religion makes an appearance, the Aing-Ti. If you’ve read about Jorj Cardasas and his adventures, then you’ll have heard of them. Talon Karrde goes searching for them at one point too. An ancient evil awakens (Editor’s Note: *stares in Disney*) in a forgotten corner of the galaxy, and their hunger for destruction grows. There are also some vague mentions of a creation myth that seems to point to the Celestials, but as of this review, that is unconfirmed.

Another Force religion is mentioned, the Mind Drinkers, and Luke and Ben go in search of them in one of the most curious and dangerous phenomena in the galaxy… (E.N. deathsticks?)
I’d give this one another 10/10, because it kept me entertained the whole time, and I actually read book 3 prior to even getting around to this review lol.

Spoiler Time! Come get ya spoilers!

So, the One Sith, are trying to capture and control Ship, an ancient Sith meditation sphere, to continue building their power to one day come back to the galaxy and wipe out the Jedi.

Ship is like “hey, y’all ain’t really Sith, Imma head on out…”
So, Ship discovers the Lost Tribe of the Sith and is like, “hella, some real Sith!”
Not Banite Sith, but Sith who have passed down the traditions of the old Sith Empire, and not some newly made weak One Sith. Ship picks a certain Sith to be his apprentice, and it ain’t an established member of the High Lords, it is just some random Tyro, basically a padawan analog, but one who hasn’t been chosen by a Master.

You’ve got a time jump of a couple years here for when the real story begins. It’s 43.5 ABY according to the wiki if y’all nerds really care (E.N. have you met Star Wars fans?!).
So, remember how Valin Horn went crazy? Well now his sister Jysella does too. And the mystery deepens: is it a Horn bloodline thing? Is it just the Jedi who are afflicted? Is it something to do with the Force in general? Nobody Knows!

Jedi Master Cilghal (E.N. pictured above) is on the case however, so things will probably work out eventually…

Those Who Dwell Beyond the Veil… an awesome name that I absolutely believe refers to the Celestials and is just what the Aing-Ti Monks call them. Speaking of the Aing-Ti, their view on the Force is really thought provoking.

Jedi and Sith mostly see the Force as 2 aspects, Light and Dark. The Je'daii Order of old sought balance in the force, but still saw the 2 aspects, but that it should be an equal amount of each, or grey. Not Grey Jedi, get your gorramn Grey Jedi nonsense out of here you pricks!
The Aing-Ti however, see the Force as a rainbow of colors. Theirs is a multifaceted view that is much more interesting. No good and evil, no balance. Simply a multitude. This is something totally unique that I never would’ve thought of.

One minor issue I have is that Luke and Ben can touch objects and sense their past. This is a Force power called Psychometry, but Luke never had that, and I don’t recall in regards to Ben. I would assume Force traits are passed down and I don’t remember Mara Jade having it either so Ben having it would not be impossible, but odd.

I won’t spoil where the Mind Drinkers are located but let’s just say if you’ve read my first review, it is close to one of the major locations from it. The Aing-Ti warn Luke and Ben away from them, but they decide they must go. Barely into a 10-year exile, what the hell else are they gonna do?

Personally, I would do the same if I was a Jedi in their place.
Who wouldn’t wanna learn all the cool other Force religion stuff?

Allana Solo gets a pet in this book and the whole wild scene leading up to it is great. I actually don’t want to spoil it but think about all that could go wrong in an exotic animal show/store on Coruscant with mad Jedi (E.N. if I remember my EU correctly, there’s a venomous, furry, snake-like animal that can sometimes double as a neck scarf, and can be trained to attacc, or protecc its wearer/master. Zany shit).

Also, the main reporter guy Tyrr is revealed to be working with someone on the inside of one of the big 3 superpowers in the galaxy now (Galactic Alliance, Imperial Remnant, Corellian Confederation), and it shows how delicate the balance of power is in the galaxy, coming out of the Second Galactic Civil War.

Unfortunately, these novels aren’t very long so I don’t have a lot else to talk about without spoiling the entire book, so I reckon I am at an end for this yarn. Basically, read these fierfekking books already because they are fantastic!

Well, I'm gonna make like a tumbleweed and roll on out… see ya out on the trail!

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