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Portman & intentional “meh” Sia

March 12th, 2019

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What’s it all about?

A remixed version of “A Star Is Born” in a glossy, epic-pop environment, ironically blending the story of two sisters along with some politics, childhood drama derived from school shootings, teenage pregnancy, 9/11, alcohol & drug addiction. Another one of Brady Corbet’s notable efforts, now trying so goddamn hard to outdo himself, after his previous hit, “The Childhood of a Leader”.

What else?

Well, Willem Dafoe as a narrator – watch out Morgan Freeman, the guy is terrific. Also, Natalie Portman as pop-star sensation Celeste – you’ll enjoy her fantastic performance only 50 out of 120 minutes, the first part being magnificently delivered by Raffey Cassidy (“The Killing of a Sacred Deer”). After “Black Swan” and “Jackie”, Portman delivers once again the perfect portrait of a woman burned by the spotlight. Imagine a punkish, bitchy Katy Perry, with the early Lady Gaga attitude and you’ll get the full picture.
As an extra bonus starring, you get Jude Law as a grumpy manager with a NY accent.

Honorable mention

Since it’s a story that takes place in the music industry, Sia was in charge of the songs. Unfortunately, other than “Wrapped Up”, the rest of the songs are easily forgettable. Much more interesting, the score, that was composed by Scott Walker, just like in The Childhood of a Leader, is a splendid, striking orchestral audio experience.

Is it worth it?

Damn right, since Corbet creates a universe where innocence is easily lost and fame crowds out humanity. Portman is a haunting, dominant presence in a movie so wildly ambitious that it’s impossible to dismiss, in spite of its flaws.
It’s the kind of movie that screams for being seen at maximum volume.

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