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November 12th, 2020

Short intro for today: here's Ivan’s interview with a vampire… book author.

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The House of Roga Trilogy

Ivan Grabar: Can you tell us what The House of Roga is about and provide a few details about main characters?

S.H. Bown: The underlying theme of The House of Roga Trilogy is good vs evil, but the good guys and the bad guys aren’t always what you might expect.
There are actually four main characters in my trilogy, but the fourth isn’t identified until Book 3. The protagonist is a vampire named Marcus Saint Vampre Roga, (That’s Vampre not Vampire. It’s French and his mother’s maiden name). He has two partners, one is a werewolf named Luca, and the other is a Friar named Phillipe. There are two main antagonists Ahriman and Alyona, and a third that is somewhat different, The Old Soothsayer.

IG: As you know there are many scifi and fantasy books on the market. Could you tell us what separates your books from the others i.e why should a reader buy your books?

SHB: My trilogy is different for a couple of reasons:
1. A monster is telling you the story, and the story spans 4,000 years. The way that the monster addresses the reader can be unsettling in a provocative way causing the reader to wonder about their own values and the values of those they know.
2. The Story is Genre Fluid Fiction in that it encompasses Horror, Paranormal, History, Romance, and Mystery. The reader learns the backstories of the main characters so they have a full understanding of who they are and why they act the way they do as they come together. My goal was to provide the reader with a fully satisfying experience and read.

IG: Vampires have been extremely popular in fiction for a very long time. Can you tell our readers why you think that is the case?

SHB: The various ways that the characters can be portrayed as good or evil. Their immortality and power are enticing. Every kid fantasizes about being a super hero. These guys are undead superheroes.

IG: In what way are your vampires different than standard ones?

SHB: Aside from the evil antagonists, I think the title of Book 1 gives that away - Saint Vampire.

IG: What is inspiration behind your books?

SHB: I love to write and create and I’ve always been a fan of Sci-Fi and Monsters and Super Heroes. I can’t really say how the idea for my story was born, but in terms of writing style I’ve been influenced by both the classics (Bram Stoker, Mary Shelley) and the contemporary (Ann Rice, Nora Roberts, Stephen King).

IG: What is your method of writing – are you a discovery writer or do you prefer to make a detailed plot and why?

SHB: That’s a good question. I know what my story is about and put an outline together of how I’m going to get there. Then the characters take me on some detours that usually work out well. When I am actually writing it sometimes feels like someone else is doing it. Like I’m just a vessel. I have writer friends who say the same thing. The part of your brain that creates is really a gift.

IG: Can you tell our readers something about yourself?

SHB: Sure. I’m married to my best friend and we are both retired. I love writing and creating art; I work in all mediums - acrylic, watercolor, colored pencil. And when I worked I loved teaching. The best reward was seeing a student take what they learned from me and succeed beyond anything I was capable of.

IG: Where can our readers find your work and where can they contact you?

SHB: My trilogy The House of Roga, is available on Amazon in eBook format and print. They’re also available as eBook on Nook. The best way to contact me is through email at SAINTVAMPIRESHBOWN@YAHOO.COM, or follow me on Facebook at my S.H. Bown Author Page. (I’m still building it but for now I post jokes everyday).

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