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July 24th, 2020

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Editor’s Note: It’s been a while since we’ve posted something on here, and the fault is all mine, but we figured we’d come back strong. To that end, our very own resident Croatian, Ivan Grabar, has scored us a cracking interview regarding a book published by Darkstroke whose premise warrants a look if you ask me. Here is his chat with Adriana Barros, author of The Magical Life of Lola Bloom.

Ivan Grabar: Can you tell us what The Magical life of Lola Bloom is about and few details about main characters?

Adriana Barros: "An ordinary girl discovers her kingdom in another dimension"
The book is the first of a sequence of three works of Young Adult dark fantasy. It is her diary showing the crazy journey for Lumen and how she deals with all her problems.
The story runs in the 1960s in Sweden. Lola is a girl like everyone else, until she finds out that her parents (who largely treat her with disdain or indifference) are hiding a big secret. After a car accident in front of her home, she begins to discover clues, but these have consequences. Now, her world starts to fall apart. After her return from a brief visit to a curious world, Lola’s eyes turn purple, a signal something more is about to happen.

After her father is kidnaped, Lola’s only support is her Aunt Eva; she knows what is going on. Lola is then plunged into a whirlwind adventure in a parallel world. She soon discovers the secret: her real origin lies within the royalty of Lumen. Yes, she has a whole kingdom waiting for her in the fourth dimension. Nothing is easy in her life, she must get her father back from Leike’s Land and destroy Elof, the terrible villain who threatens Lumen, but not everything is so predictable.

The journey is long and dangerous, and her mind is stacked against her. She begins to recognize feelings for Elof. All this sounds like madness, but what if it is?
All is possible, all is true, depending on who believes it.

IG: As you know there are many scifi and fantasy books on market. Could you tell us what separates your books from others i.e why should reader buy your books?

AB: Lola's story is unique because it centers on the psychological escape many teenagers create to run away from their real problems, both in the 1960s Sweden and today. She is a real, evolving character, not 100 percent good, who feels insecure and unloved by her parents and ends up falling in love with the wrong guy. But the storyline traces her evolution, revealing how she can mature in the face of difficulties.

It's a tale full of adventure, romance, humor, mystery, fantasy, a little bit of sadness—perhaps a world we all would like to live in. Lola creates her reality, full of memorable places and colorful characters, that ultimately shows that humans do not always know how to handle life's defeats.

IG: What is inspiration behind your books?

AB: The inspiration came from me and some girlfriends that were struggling with feelings at that age (around 17). About the scenario, the inspiration was Sweden, where I lived for 2.5 years. It was a different place for me.

IG: Do you have any books, shows, comics or games that influenced your work?

AB: Absolutely! I'm obsessed with Dungeons & Dragons, Labyrinth, and all this dark fantasy universe.

IG: What is your method of writing – are you discovery writer or you prefer to make detailed plot and why?

AB: I like to know howthe end is gonna be, but in the middle, many surprises can show up! The more you write, the more you discover a new history.

IG: Can you tell our readers something about yourself?

AB: I’m from Brazil, lived in Sweden for 2 years and now I'm living in Florida. I'm kinda gypsy!

IG: Where can our reader find your work and where can contact you?

AB: Its easy 😊 my book is available on Amazon. You can find me via email or on my website! Thank you very much for this interview!

Editor’s Note: and thank you both for taking the time to have this little chat!

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