Galaxy of That’s How You Do It

Having tried to get into Resistance (and failed, as the sole episode review on here stands testament, although I did get as far as episode 5 into it), I was initially apprehensive about yet another kid-friendly, animated SW series being put together by Lucasfilm.
Mostly because the “kid” part in that borders on the too-young-to-potty age range. I’m exaggerating, obviously, but this is what it feels like sometimes.

Both Resistance and Forces of Destiny suck ass like their very existence depends on it. There just wasn’t enough in them to keep the wide majority of the fandom engaged.
Who’s the wide majority of the fandom? Why, us pesky 18-44 year-old male asshats who are into the geeky things. You know, the people who’ve basically inhaled almost anything and everything SW related for the past 10-40 years.

If you’ve been even tangentially related to the fandom for the past couple years, you’ll know things are more or less in shambles. I’m not talking about “Russian bot” excuses put together by Ph.D. candidates riding on the coattails of a ballsed up social climate to get their names out there (and to get laughed at, and debunked), or Mike “zero to hero to zero again” Zeroh.
I’m just talking about LFL lacking the ability to pump out decent content without having to keep justifying themselves for almost a year running, retconning their own damn written works like they did with the Vader Annual #2 in relation to Catalyst, or pissing off half the fandom by either poor PR, ill-advised comments, or just Chuck Wendig.

No pressure.

Creating kid-friendly shows instead of going with the previously (proven to work) outlook of “Star Wars is for everyone”, which is how most sane people with a pulse had previously seen the IP before the “Star Wars is for kids”, Bill-Maher-sounding crap popped up, was always going to be divisive. But this had worked before, and multiple times at that.

We’ve had not one, but two Clone-Wars-era series that were hits on a major scale with a lot of us on the side of “the Disneyfied, kid-friendly side of SW sucks” end of things. Even Rebels was something I would tune into now and again, and definitely something I’d hang around for if I flipped through the channels and found a running episode.

But Forces of Destiny had me cringing so hard at the bad/weird voice acting, stilted animation, and downright weird art style I lost all hope in their capacity to actually put out decent cartoon entries going forward in that vein. And Resistance, with its humour aimed at 4-year-olds, idiotic slapstick gags (that qualifier is very important), character archetypes so simplistic and transparent you could almost see the first-draft-straight-to-production scripts behind them, and yet another weird, simplistic choice when it came to the art, only served to reinforce that notion.

Enter A Galaxy of Adventures.

There’s nothing much to spoil here, as the series of shorts is based on previously existing OT material, and my point is also very short, so I’ll get to the gist of it: this is how you get people on all fronts to like a Star Wars product! Yes, oh me of little faith, we can still have great animated content from a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.

It’s this simple:

Step 1: either create some actually worthwhile stories, or base them on something pre-existing if you’re seriously that artistically challenged that you can’t pull original content off.
Step 2: make sure it fits into the decades worth of content that came before it.
Step 3: have it look cool and feel like the artists working on it actually had fun doing it.
Step 4: profit.

The shorts we’ve had so far are as varied as they are to the point, and they capture the essence of what both Star Wars and the OT were about: fun, lighthearted, visually spectacular, emotional spacefaring action.
There are several very short shorts (1-minute-ish) on there at the moment, mostly focusing on Han, Luke, and Leia, but peppering some Vader, Emperor and R2 in the mix for good measure. They are all less-than-faithful to what exactly transpired in the movies, but they don’t go as far as dismantling the events therein.

Think of them more as children retelling important moments from the movies, that’s the feeling I got from them: there’s a bit more flash, a couple creative liberties, and a bit of padding that lend more context to, say, the first meeting between Leia and Vader at the start of ANH.

Everything is done with respect to the source material, there aren’t any subtextual messages, and our favourite heroes don’t get butchered in the process, which can only be a good thing no matter the IP or the year we’re talking about.

I am very happy to see these minor reinterpretations of iconic scenes and moments from (up to now) the Original Trilogy and am looking forward to more of this style of content for the Star Wars Kids Channel that I will definitely keep an eye on. Apparently you may have to do so via different YT channels - I’ve had instances of it not being available for different parts of the world, which is just bonkers to me.
Holy fuck, Disney, make your stuff available worldwide, you dodgy, copyrighting twats!

In spite of my better judgement, Lucasfilm (and Disney) deserve the ol’ thumbs up on this one.
Nice job, dumbasses! You’ve still got it!
Now don’t fuck this or the upcoming CW season up, even Kylo’s begging you, look:

Thanks for reading, and have as nice a day as you deserve!

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