Comic(al) Reviews

“Hello there, and welcome to The Only One!” a wide-eyed, hopeful me said a couple weeks ago, looking into the (dodgy) webcam and hoping for the best.
That same wide-eyed and hopeful me is here today to tell you that we’re trying to get the Youtube part of our website going, and that I already have a few comic reviews up on the channel at the moment.

For your ease-of-access, we’re also listing them below, but we encourage you all to drop by the platform itself and subscribe to if you like what you see (there are other things there as well, feeble and still few, but more will follow!).

Currently, there are a grand total of four comic video reviews in “The Only One” line, a series where I take a look at #1 issues of current comic runs and decide whether or not the series they boot up are worthy to follow. This is highly subjective and subject to change (as you can probably ascertain from the second video below...).

The first thing I’ve tackled is one of the What If one-shots from Marvel (shut up, I know it ain’t technically a series, but it has a 1 on the cover…), the Spider-Punisher one:

And for my second trick of the night, as a born and bred DC fanboy, I had to have a rant at Heroes in Crisis. And rant I did, to the tune of 20+ minutes… If you’re looking for a quick laugh, though, outtakes start around the 22:51 mark. You’re welcome!

I then went on to record a couple more (and shorter) videos and rounded up the What If books I most thoroughly enjoyed, with the following Flash Thompson What If leading into the Thor What If.

So that’s the main series I’ll be tackling over the following weeks/months.
You can also expect boardgame reviews, videogame fuckery, and other stuff as time goes on and my time to edit becomes more readily available.

Thanks for reading (and watching, and commenting, and don’t forget to subscribe!) and have as nice a day as you deserve!