Lando or do not. There is no Solo.

I’ll be the first to say I wasn’t expecting much from Solo and ended up being more than pleasantly surprised by it in the meantime. It ended up being my second favourite Star Wars film after the Disney takeover (with R1 still leading by a parsec), and a wonderful SW experience altogether.
I won’t go into the whys and hows of that again, you can learn more about my thoughts in the podcast we uploaded a while back, but safe to say that the one thing I was definitely looking forward to was Don Glover’s take on Lando. And boy, did he deliver!

And you know what? The first couple issues of the ongoing Lando comic do too…
After a fashion. Do I recommend getting into it? Read on and find out!

The main plot we’re being given is Lando being talked into helping along some down-on-their-luck victims of the Empire’s doing free some of their own from an Imperial prison compound. They’re being contracted by one Petrusian (bubblegum elves) lass by the name of Kristiss, whose father is one of those imprisoned by the Empire. So far, so good.
Lando is basically just Han with the glitz and glamour dialed up to twelve replacing the gruffness and scruffiness: the capes, the Calrissian Chronicles, the flamboyant discourse... His “in it for the money”-ness (on which we’ll probably have a heart of gold twist by the end) is also there, as is the banter with “Ellthree”.
Btw, editors, there’s an unneeded “l” in that word! Save some ink, damn!

Whoever listened to the above podcast (which I definitely recommend at least skimming through), knows I hated L3 on first viewing. I’ve since grown to be… Marginally annoyed by her. And I have to say that at least when it comes to the first two issues of this series, her rapport with Lando is an entertaining (if really OTT) one.
The biggest issue derived from this comic is that both Lando and L3 are too much of themselves (their Solo selves). There’s constant, almost line for line bickering and jabs exchanged between them, threats from Lando to the droid, condescension from her to him, and a general take on their relationship that can become a little exhausting after the first few pages.

We get it, they can’t stand each other. They still have to work together, though, right?
Do you think Lando can actually quit being a primadona for one damn panel, or that L3 can stop being such a precious queen long enough to endear anyone to her? You do?
Well, you’re wrong.

See, this is why I keep saying L3 is nothing but stupid… Apart from nearly killing Han, Lando, and Chewie over on Kessel, her whole shtick makes her come off as pretty much removed from reality at times, the above panel included.
Unless the “lady” quip was meant as an insult to Lando, which I highly doubt because:
A - that would be totally un-progressive of them, and
2 - it makes no damn sense in the context with her being the ONLY lady in the room

There’s also the possibility that that’s another one o’ them “pansexual” comments, implying that Lando is the (or rather, a?) lady in their relationship/duo/dynamic/partnership…
I say possibility because some deluded Lan-three shippers (Leet-rissians?) will definitely latch onto that particular line as yet more “proof” that Lando does what other Earthly men in their 30s do these days and bumps ugly with chromium domes.

I’ve got one for you, lads and lasses: with the amount of comfort and luxury Lando constantly pushes for in this comic (and in general), do you really think he’d go for it with the rough and tumble… thing that is L3?
Think again, baby.

All in all, the series started pretty good, we have a good plot, there’s a certain sense of danger (yes, I do know we know they make it, this is a prequel to Solo, after all, I’m just judging it on its own merits) with it all and I suspect some people will die by the end, and the artwork holds up famously with Glover’s likeness being rendered so as people realise it’s him, yet tracing is obviously not used. I’ll go as far as to say that this is the kind of art the main run would need, too.
Hear that, Larrocca? Your face sucks!
Not yours, in particular, just any single one that you put pen to paper on…
There are some issues with certain facial expressions that just seem out of a different story, and the perspective sometimes just isn’t the best (take the cover of the second issue for example), causing the characters to appear misshapen and odd, but that’s definitely the exception, not the rule.

For now, I’m probably going to keep reading this, and I’ll throw it up there with one of the better (not best!) SW comics in recent memory, like Storms of Crait or Shattered Empire.
Go buy it, worst thing you’ll end up with is something to sell off to some fanboy.
The Gung-Ho Geeks give this series a recommendation, and will return with a rating once it’s all done, as that’s only fair.

Thanks for reading, and have as nice a day as you deserve!