Life in plastic. It’s blood-tastic.

February 22nd, 2020

Kickstarter started out as a wholesome, do-good affair. A platform that brings dreams to fruition and allows creators across any and all domains and walks of life to connect with potential buyers in good faith, good fun, and good luck.
And then these fuckers come along and drive their shiny, plastic cocks right into the ever loving heart of it all...

Enter: Pagan Miniatures; a first-time creator, longtime backer (when it comes to its owners) dropping a line of exquisitely sculpted norse/viking-style minis to add to your tabletop skirmish wargames or display cabinets.

Behind the company stand proud two of the page’s friends and sometimes content creators: Sarah and Adam, a lovely, miniature-minded couple living their lives out peacefully in some spelling-bee-forsaken town down in Wales. You know, the kind that sounds like your pet werewolf’s falling down the stairs, half drunk while its pubes are on fire.
Gryfflchnekts Bay, or Spylllwinklychht, or whatever.

I’ve known Adam for years, first met him on Kickstarter, incidentally. Since then, he’s either backed, helped bring visibility to, or cheered along more campaigns than I can possibly count and painted more minis than I could ever hope to in this lifetime. And much better than I, to boot!

^ That’s him. On the right. Figured it needed a disclaimer in this day and age.

After years of throwing money at the screen and getting (probably literally at this point) tons of plastic in return, he’s decided to try out the other end of the business.
Partnered up with the always dependable, skillful, and infinitely more experienced Daniel Kelly from Lion Tower Miniatures on the sculpting side, Pagan Miniatures has let loose a series of dynamic sculpts that are full of personality and charm and that - as far as I can tell - will also boast some serious quality when they hit their (inevitable) backers’ hands.

There was a poll run in order to discern interest in either metal or resin casting for the minis, and the resin won out but an open mind is being kept when it comes to fulfilling the exact demand of the masses - should there be enough want for metal, they would consider going both ways at a later date.

Come February 24th, you’ll be able to pledge on this range of norse minis (and more...). More so, you’ll be happy in the knowledge that you helped lay the foundation of what I hope to be a long run of products because let’s face it: it’s pretty cool to have a friend in the miniatures business these days. Bunch of nerds that we are.
What’s more, being based in a scene that’s as swarming with shows and companies and tradition in the miniature field as the UK, you’ll be able to rub elbows with Adam and Sarah in places like Salute and the UKGE, for instance.

The line doesn’t come with a proprietary ruleset, so people looking to add to their existing warbands or start new ones for games like Frostgrave, Saga, or even Malifaux and any other similar games should be the main audience for it, as well as collectors looking to drop paint on some quality minis.
The pledge levels are quick to wrap your head around, affordable for what’s on offer, and easy to add upon via a Pledge Manager that will come about after the end of the campaign. Shipping is also very sensible, at least in my estimation, and I’m very anal about this sort of thing.
That’s what my wife says, anyway.

Since stepping onto the scene (fairly recently, in fact, even though the project’s been brewing for ages now), Pagan Miniatures has gotten featured on various websites and podcasts, among which are industry heavyweights such as Beasts of War and been officially announced to attend cons the likes of Sheffield’s ChillCon.
They’re very much into making the brand as visible as possible and filling that oh-so-tiny niche of vikings that can pass for both fantasy as well as realistic wargames, so getting recognised at these levels speaks volumes to the industry trusting in their potential at least as much as they do. And from the engagement and ramp-up going on over on their Facebook page recently, I’d say the public is very much excited as well.

So, yeah, we’re a bit biased here (wouldn’t be the first time, either), but if I didn’t personally think this was worth your hard earned time and money, I wouldn’t waste my own time yapping about it. Consider giving the campaign a look once it drops (remember: February 24th!) and spread the word to your other hobby-minded friends. This is gonna be good!

Thanks for reading, and have as nice a day as you deserve!

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