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December 16th, 2019

Quick one today just to spread some love for my friends over at War Games Store who’ve just moved out of their mom’s basement and into their dad’s attic.
No, but seriously, this store’s been around for a while and I unwittingly passed it by daily for years while going to school. Which was probably good for my parents’ wallet at the time. From humble beginnings and a small basement setup over on one side of town, they hopped a few neighborhoods over and a few stories up, and landed a pretty sweet pad that is probably one of the best looking gaming spaces I’ve ever visited - store or otherwise.

The short of it is that WGS is a mainly Games-Workshop oriented spot, but they deal in anything from Fantasy Flight Games, to Flames of War, to Time Stories, and a bevy of other war/board games in between.
They have tons of campaigns they’re either running or planning, wargames-wise (with, if I’m not mistaken, War Cry, Kill Team, and Blood Bowl championships all starting come January), and there’s almost a constant flow of people from a fairly tight knit community that keep going there and rolling dice on the daily.

The new place is on Strada Traian, for you locals, close to the intersection with Strada Calarasi, and it. is. gorgeous. Just look at this shit:

There’s tons of room, tons of tables, tons of terrain, and tons of know-how in both minis fare as well as board games, in general. They’re also big fans of my handshakes and have said so multiple times, so do with that info what you may.
The grand opening that happened this past weekend saw them running a 20% discount on everything and giving away a free sprue (either 40k or Sigmar) for people to paint. I went for some dice (can never have enough) and the fantasy mini since I might (big emphasis on MIGHT) be able to use it for RPG purposes more than I would the 40k one, provided I actually get the time for solid gaming again at some point next year…

I capped off my 3-hour stay there with spectating some Age of Sigmar for the first time ever, and enjoying seeing a deluge of rats covering the table, and subsequently getting obliterated by some proxied Sigmarines. Cool shit.

Some of the terrain you see was made in-house by the guys and there’s tons of it there to go around. I dare say they have more than enough to fill not only the tables they have set up, but also a couple extra ones. And they’re not even done setting the whole store up, either.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a cool place to roll some dice in Bucharest and you’re nearby, don’t hesitate to check the place out and maybe walk away with some cool merch, too!
Photo dump incoming (P.S. any women featured in these pics are not being held there or forced to play against their will, or at least that’s what they said at blaster point):

Thanks for reading, and have as nice a day as you deserve!

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