Or next(us)... Stupid pun, anyway.

I got a bit of an orgasm not long ago when I had the pictures you’ll see below sent to me.
Oh, don’t worry, there’s nothing on here that Tumblr would ban, but it might as well be because these Nexus bits are making my loins positively quiver!
One half of our resident miniature painter/wargame enthusiast team, Fair, has started work on her side of the set (we’ve got ol’ Dodge covering half, as well), and wanted to share these bare bones beauties with me, and boy, am I glad she did!

What you’re seeing here is but a handful of all the resin goodness that resides in a box of Nexus, in the form of arena obstacles and one particularly gribbly gooper that looks like Cthulhu took a kraken out for a date in the Pit of Karkoon and they had a crazy time crackin’ open one too many wine coolers…

The detail on these is great, there’s very little flash, few mold lines, and a lot of well-molded crevices to get the washes in. The detail is crisp and it’s plain to see there’s plenty of texture to dry brush to your heart’s content, whether it’s columns, boxes, or barrels full of toxic goop and whatever lives inside them.

I’m getting pretty excited at the thought of seeing these all painted up!

Thanks for reading, and have as nice a day as you deserve!

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