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Remember that one time I won the Rookie category at this painting competition (‘Eavier Metal ‘Eadbanger, go join the FB group btw)? Yeah, so do I.
I was super happy, and you know what happens when I’m super happy? I do weird things, mostly harmless weird things, like jump up and down screaming SQUUUEEEEEE.
But sometimes I do impulsive weird things that make me go “WTFBBQ” the next day, you know, like when you wake up after a heavy night of drinking and find out you got married to your dog?
Editor’s Note: … yes. Yes, I know exactly what you mean. *backs away slowly*

Yeah so super happy & insanely impulsive me decided, why not enter another painting competition. I mean SMC is actually in my country of residence, not too far away, I wanted to go there anyways, and it’s still about 5 weeks till then. What could go wrong… right?
(Apart from having a broken collarbone and not having painted for a few weeks at least)
E.N.: Man, that’s rough… A few weeks, you say?
F.N.: Oke oke, more like months ><

Well turns out loads of stuff can and will go wrong.
Well, nothing actually went wrong, I just like to be a huge drama-queen. Though taking about 2 weeks to figure out what I was gonna paint, didn’t help much. Then another week of procrastinating. So here I am typing all this with about 2 days left and still not 100% done with my entry.

As my dear friends Curlette, Dodge, Grizzly & Fair’s Girl (a.k.a the Flippin’ Tables Team - E.N.: you down with FTT?!) and my homefront can attest, I’m absolutely miserable to be around when I get all stressed out and doubt all my decisions regarding my painting. I owe all these fine people a lot of booze by ways of a thank you for supporting me and telling me it’ll all be oke.
E.N.: Bring on the malt liquor and it’ll be more than just oke!

Heck, without them this lil’ fella and his pup would’ve flown right out the window.

Y’all will have to do with a before pic since I’m somewhat superstitious and don’t wanna show the finished piece till after SMC /shrug
(inb4 Grizzly: at least one bit don’t have any paint on it :p)
E.N.: Hey! That’s my job!

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