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How to avoid traffic jam on Coruscant

We’ve all been there - living in a planet-wide city with no real escape from the hustle, the bustle, the extensive senate speeches… But what if we could actually get away from all that and streamline our daily existence in such a sordid environment?

Well, we tried to put together some pointers for those of you that would look to us to solve a potential crisis in a made-up universe from a long time ago.
So here goes:

1 - Work from home
Easy enough. No reason to run into any unpleasantness if you don’t leave the comfort of your personal, standard, kind of cramped if you’re not that well-off living quarters.
Do some holochat or send droids to carry out your menial tasks for you and just enjoy playing Dejaarik instead.
You’ll never want to go home and rethink your life again.

2 - Become a Jedi
Force Jumps and Dashes aside, Jedi status gives you more than just the ability to lunge over or around pesky troubles like Sith agents or a multi-level pile-up.
We’ve heard reports of Knights cutting through multiple, orderly lanes of traffic with little to no repercussion so bear that in mind the next time you’re a half standard hour late for your daily dose of dubious drinks at Dax’ place.
Whenever that fails, we hear Jedi also tend to outright jump out of their crafts if the opportunity presents itself, defying physics, common sense, and laughing in the face of self-preservation all the while.

3 - Move
Well, I guess if the above variants don’t tickle your fancy or seem well out of reach for you (for whatever reason…), there’s always moving. Ours is a big Galaxy, and fresh opportunities abound in places with less traffic, people, political scheming, or the risk of having your arm cut off just minding your own business having some blue milk.
Take a one-way trip to the lush jungles of Felucia, retire to a 1-person igloo on Hoth, or sizzle out in the life-devoid deserts of Tattooine (or the more en-vogue Jakku!) if you’re so inclined.

We also hear Dagobah is wonderfully damp and dank this time of rotation!
We won’t go out on a limb for high living standards, but you’re certain to beat morning traffic if you’re the only being with repulsorlift capacities on the entire planet.