Gung-Ho Year in Review

Holy hell on a hoover, Batman, we’ve made it a full year!

This is a (very) short take on what we’ve accomplished in that time thanks to you, our followers, and no thanks to that wretched hive of hungry, ravenous beasts, bent on syphoning off every bit of your soul and sanity that they can, leaving you drained, empty, and unwilling to push forward, curled up into a ball of disgust and disdain with nary a happy thought to your name…
But enough about Twitter!

In one full year of geeking out, we’ve gone from zero, to 1000+ followers on Facebook (1032 as of the time of writing). Most of you are following us from the US (almost 330 peeps), with our own, back-alley Romania following in 2nd (130), and India, the UK, and Canada making up the following 200 peeps.

Our team has grown from a measly two members to a technical six (yes, there are even more of us than it shows on FB behind the scenes, working on stuff for the future…), and we’re probably going to get bigger and better at things, time permitting.

We’ve written over 70 different entries on the website, ranging from opinion pieces to boardgame, comic, and movie reviews, miniature painting blogs, and Kickstarter tips. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you factor in most of them having been written by one person, and said person dealing with a full-time job and also leading a healthy family life, it’s quite the feat.

We’ve launched a Youtube channel where one of three resident Romanians spends his modicum of free time creating dodgy videos on his even dodgier webcam, and learning how to edit stuff (with all the fears and frustrations that entails).
He even bitches about about old ladies, look:

The Gung-Ho Group now numbers almost 150 members, and while the discussion as a whole on there isn’t as scintillating as even a Bible study group yet, we’re getting some fun stuff shared around and chatted on and hoping to have more of you join in as time goes on!

We’ve started a Book Club that is ongoing and has (by most recent calculations) 12 intrepid blokes and blokettes currently reading the first entry, Warhammer 40k style! Check the aforementioned Group if you’d like to see what that’s all about (BC link is in pinned post).

We’ve memed the literal shit out of everything, with ye olde Grizzlyface coming up with a myriad dank ways (some good, some bad, all of them his own, subjective takes) to make himself laugh (and hopefully some of you in the process), and have had a good run of creating almost daily Original Content for our Facebook page in this manner.

And we’ve had various other achievements and encounters, PMs of good or ill faith, mentions and blocks, and every other shade of online interaction that you can think of, including being marked as SPAM on more than one occasion.
I mean… We know the memes are crap, but come on!

We’re planning on doing more (much more) of the same for the following year, hopefully managing to pump out more content across more platforms, and getting deeper into every last avenue we’ve slowly but surely started walking down.

We thank each and every one of you for being here and we hope to see you returning in greater numbers as time goes on. Spread the word if you enjoy our stuff, eh?

And with that, we leave you with our Holiday Season logo, penned by Amber, resident Fair lass, and the non-digitalised version of it at that, because we love the hell out of this look!

Thanks for reading, and we hope you have as nice a (next) year as you deserve!