Time to start a brand new series, guys!

We’ve threatened you with the team getting bigger for some time now, and that time has come!

While Amber (Fair) has already joined us on our Nexus interview, join me in wishing her and her series of articles a warm welcome to the GHG sphere in the guise of the first entry for “Flipping Tables”, our 4-geek-wide endeavour (more geeks to follow…) focusing on board, card and miniature games, cons, and all that related jazz.

Fair is one of our resident miniature enthusiasts and will share her assembling, painting, and general miniature fuckery adventures, possibly including some system reviews in the future… Worth mentioning that my oh-so-helpful notes will accompany her (and the others’) presentations because sometimes I get bored and I just can’t help myself.

So, without further ado, I cordially invite you all to head on over to our brand new and fully operational output station RIGHT HERE, and read up on a great write-up!