Yet another Star Wars Podcast:

End of the Line

Well, here it is, folks…
We’ve had a few laughs talking about this with friends and foes, but Star Wars really is getting to us, and not in the good way. It’s not exactly fatigue, but the mainstream of it all is devolving into something I personally no longer want to keep up with.

Between assholes blocking each other, bullies and trolls bullying and trolling, Lucasfilm failing their collective PR rolls, and the media blowing everything out of proportion, here are some of my thoughts on the most recent developments in the fandom, alongside my buddy Kyle’s take on the matter.

We’ll still be covering Star Wars for the foreseeable future, but will be trying to showcase different aspects of the universe, and ones that are hopefully easier to get into and talk about without the deluge of dumbasses that have been rearing their ugly heads on either side of the matter.