Galactic Unrest

Bringing Life Back to MUDs

Our love for most things Star Wars is well-known at this point, and our dabbling in many aspects of this universe is wide-ranging as you’ll find out if you follow us on Facebook, the link is at the top right of this very page.

Shameless plug out of the way, we’re here to tell you a little bit about Galactic Unrest, a fan-made Star Wars roleplaying game taking place in the Expanded Universe and currently under development. The first ground rule we should set before going any further is the definition of a MUD: a Multiple User Dungeon.

What this represents is an online, fully text-based multiplayer platform with a snazzy interface that allows you to play out a character within the EU via text that you input into a command line. Prompts appear on screen detailing your actions, surroundings, neighbouring players, as well as all manner of objects, contraptions, and possibilities you may have at any given time.
While this may not be your go-to for Star Wars Roleplaying, we can vouch for this format being the most permissible, easily-tailored, and extended (sic!) that you can find online today. The text-based aspect of it means literally any piece of tech or alien race can just be written into the game fairly easily and without a high resource cost, thus ensuring the possibility of the entire damn wiki being put into the game at one point down the line.

The game is currently being worked on by a handful of people, and the brain and creative hyperdrive behind it all, Daniel, would like to welcome each and every one of you who think they may enjoy this to contribute in any way you like: be it simply logging in for a trial run, spreading the word, or even joining the team and doing some (easy) coding with the added benefit of being able to go “I built a damn planet!” as you work on things.

We’re also tangentially involved with the whole endeavour as a universe this big will need a lot of characters, dialogue lines, quests, and motivations, so there’s always the chance that any spoken line or description you come across has passed by here first.

The grandeur of the whole thing also means we’re actively on the lookout for more people to get in, so make sure to let us know if this is something you’d be interested in as it’s a great outlet for creative juices that are just bubbling out of your skin…
Weirdly inappropriate image as that may be.

We hope this first look at GU has gotten at you at least interested in pursuing more info on the game as we’re gearing up for a few more entries centered around this game and its team.

Join us, and boldy go… No, that’s not it. To infinity and be… Not it, either. Uh, wait!
Bring that 'long time ago' to a Galaxy near you today! #nailedthatoutro