On the Workbench:


We live busy days lately, so we’ve brought less than we’d have liked to you when it comes to the boardgaming side of things. This is us making things right… After a fashion....

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Yet another Star Wars Podcast:

End of the Line

Well, here it is, folks… We’ve had a few laughs talking about this with friends and foes, but Star Wars really is getting to us, and not in the good way. It’s not exactly...

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Solo: A Star Wars Checklist

Just a quick one today for your entertainment. I got together with my buddy Kyle (@caperscoter on Twitter) to bounce some thoughts off each other when it comes to Solo and all the stuff floating around...

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The Untitled Star Wars Podcast

Episode I

It came to pass one day, that three blokes with somewhat similar interests met around the many Star Wars fan groups they inhabit, and an idea flourished inside their twisted psyches: to set up a podcast wherein to air grievances, memes, bad jokes, and discuss...

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For the Love of Board Games

A book by Erin Dean

A love for and around boardgames has engulfed the gaming hobby of late, and we can’t but be happy to be a part of it and offer what help we can when new, interesting things happen for creators and players alike. This time, we’re happy to bring an upcoming...

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Response to the “Star Wars is Dead” Squad

A (hopefully) sensible stance

As a member of several dozen SW or related geek groups on Facebook and a follower of news as well as many other pages and personalities involved with SW on various other forms of social media, one thing’s for sure: the unhappiness in the fandom isn’t dying...

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Bucharest Wargames Open 2018

Our Friendly Neighbourhood Wargaming Con

I’ve spent the better part of 15 years being involved in various aspects of the gaming/geek hobby. Video games, novels, movies, comics, boardgames, RPGs, and other related paraphernalia from action figures to trading cards have been my almost daily bread for over...

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HEXplore It

An interview with Jonathan Mariucci

We’ve mentioned how impressed we were when first breaking our HEXplore It box open, and we’ve since played it a few times so we’re just about ready to go live with its review. Whether it’s glowing or not (spoilers: it might just be), you’re going to have to follow...

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Fart Wars

It seems like we’re getting a lot of Star Wars content to comment on lately. Which is one of the few things I get to thank Disney for aside from Rogue One, I guess, especially since the Solo trailer left me shaking my head at the lead casting, but I digress...

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Galactic Unrest

Our love for most things Star Wars is well-known at this point, and our dabbling in many aspects of this universe is wide-ranging as you’ll find out if you follow us on Facebook, the link is at the top right of this very page. Shameless plug out of the way, we’re here to tell you a little bit about Galactic Unrest...

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Not everything should be for everyone

For those of you who are unaware of the meaning of the above saying, it was coined by Wil Wheaton, highly geeky individual with an acting pedigree including credits in Stand By Me and Star Trek the Next Generation, and is referred to as “Wheaton’s Law”. The gist of the rule is simple: don't act like an ass. To anyone. Ever. It's not worth...

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Firefly Adventures

Gearing up to write this reminded me of 2 things:
First, I haven’t rewatched Firefly this past year (shame on me), only finding time to reread the comics. Sadly, I didn’t play any of the Firefly games I own, either. Second, it dawned on me that Disney now owns the rights to Firefly and its surrounding universe…

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Boardgames for Beginners

Humanity thrives when doing 2 things – having fun, and relaxing. Or at least that’s when we here at GHG feel best. And what other pastime activity marries those 2 concepts into a great concept that’s fit for all ages, creeds, and upbringings? Gaming, of course! In all its shapes, forms, and sizes, gaming has been a part of human culture for a reaaaally long time...

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Loot Crates Looting Pockets

If you’ve been living under a rock these past few weeks, there’s a bit of a storm raging on the Star Wars (Battle)front. I.e. EA are being EA squared and the public are finally catching up to it. There may be hope for the gaming industry yet… And we’re about to dive into the deep end of it all, even if things have died down a bit…

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Over 40 years of this IP being a thing, you could say we’ve gone from well thought-out, long plotlines with delayed recompense, needing you to invest in them and the characters’ journey for the final payoff to being served up with... characters that we’re supposed to like or else we should feel bad about ourselves because…

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As we’ve mentioned in Part I, today’s Star Wars audience is a complex beast… You’ve got the old-timey fans, who generally abhor the prequels and hold the original trilogy to an unattainable standard, those who feel like the new movies is where it’s at and where it should be, and everything in between, taking into account…

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2017 is a pretty good time to be alive if you’re a sucker for sci-fi, fantasy, horror, superheroes, and generally any and all things that may be deemed even remotely geeky. “Geek culture” as a whole has received the proverbial shot in the arm and is rocketing towards bigger and better things…

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