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Today’s Starter, Killer Eyelashes!
Funding Goal: US$ 11,036
Funding Deadline: February 18th 2018

Spain hasn’t exactly been a mainstay of Kickstarter or the boardgaming market as a whole just yet, or at least not a household area for products pertaining to this hobby. But from the most surprising places come the most pleasant surprises, and Killer Eyelashes is one such example.

Starting out as a short film back in 2007, and gaining another entry to the IP with the 2016 choose-your-own-story book, this year sees the creator of it all, Fidel Lorite, team up with Luis Castro and Josh Merrick to pen the next page in this ongoing… saga? You know what, it’s our website, we like this thing a lot, and we’d love to see it go on, so saga it is!

Killer Eyelashes takes chemical disasters, NASA, zombies, makeup, and transvestites, plops them all together in a giant petri dish of glitz and glamour, and comes up with a 30-minute, 2-6 Queen game of zombie-bashing, versus action.
In short, NASA screwed up sending Martian soil samples to a makeup producer rather than their own lab, this in turn causing makeup items to have side-effects for most people and turn them into full-on makeup-crazy zombies! But not drags, as their intensive use of such items has made them virtually immune to the ordeal.

The players take control of Queens who must amass an arse-nal (their words!), catfight other Queens, defeat multiple stages, and being successful by completing challenges, amassing fans, and defeating enemies. The game is fully card-based, and features pawns for tracking Queens’ movements through different locations.

Delicate as the subject matter of the game may be, when it comes to acquaintances and friends who can hold more weight in commenting on it than us, their impressions have ranged from “it’s funny” to “it’s a little insensitive” so we’re erring on the general positivity of the people featured herein as a consensus.
With the creators’ proven track record of getting products out to market as well as an established fanbase, you can’t go wrong if you’re looking for a different sort of party game to bring to the table.

So dig your heels in and kill it with glamour and glitz… and eyelashes!
These tag-lines are only getting worse, I swear...