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Today’s Starter, Freyja’s Wrath!
Funding Goal: US$ 6,416 (Funded)
Funding Deadline: February 6th 2018

From the company with the cutest damn logo in all of wargaming, come some of the fiercest viking warrior minis this side of the 11th century!
Freyja’s wrath brings high-quality, varied, and badass viking warriors, animals, fairies, and all manner of other related 28mm miniatures to wargamers everywhere… Provided you pledge for the campaign, of course.

We’d heard about Annie Norman and her foray into wargaming, a short rendition of which can be found on her website, and had been fans of her work for a long time, but it wasn’t until we met with some die-hard Bad Squiddo fans that we got to see more or less firsthand how awesome her minis turn out to be time and time again.

Pictures used with permission from Amber Beccari

Having dabbled in many a genre over the past few years, be it Sci-Fi, WWII, and everything in between, this time the pot is sweetened not only by the period tackled in the campaign (Viking Shieldmaidens, come on!), but also by the sheer amount of available models that you can find here.

Anything from archers, to axe warriors, berserkers, to shield women are here for the taking (or rather pledging) and duly accompanied by priestesses, crones, goddesses and Scandinavian Wildcats. Yup. You read that right.
Alongside the myriad female models on display here, there are also dozens of variants of wildlife, critters, and pets relevant to the setting at hand, and more to be added via SGs over the following days, Odin permitting…

Pictures used with permission from Amber Beccari

And with pledge levels starting at a moderate amount and going up to ungodly sums for those who are really berserk about this whole idea, we’re guaranteeing there’ll be something here for everyone!

Pictures used with permission from Adam Dodge