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Today’s Starter, Uboot!
Funding Goal: US$ 92,904 (Funded)
Funding Deadline: February 15th 2018

We’re no strangers to app-driven thematic games, with XCOM scoring high on our all-time list, so the fact that UBOOT has players coordinate their actions based on the visual cues thrown at them by an app (which currently boasts a day/night cycle, weather effects, an ever-increasing number of ships to target, and much more!) that can run on handheld items or PCs.

Gathering a crew of 1 to 4 players, UBOOT pits a Captain, Engineer, Navigator and First Officer against an ongoing barrage of effects, events, and circumstances that may have arisen during a WWII submarine patrol mission.
These go into more detail than we’ve ever seen for a similar boardgame, and indeed for many boardgames out there on the market, complete with physical maps, rulers, route calculations and morale mingling with dozens of other concepts that work towards building a highly thematic, tense atmosphere for all those involved.

The pricetag is currently way below the announced MSRP and you get a boxful of cards and tokens, alongside a bunch of miniatures and a gorgeous playmat as a Kickstarter bonus! And there’s also the option to upgrade that mat to faux leather, which we certainly find hard to resist...

With endorsements from boargame review heavy-hitters like Rahdo and military specialists like The Chief, this one is less a blip on our radar, but rather taking up our whole damn field of vision, and we can’t wait to dive into it!