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Today’s Starter, War in Christmas Village, tabletop miniatures!
Funding Goal: US$ 3,000 (Funded)
Funding Deadline: January 6th 2018

It’s that time of year again when the scent of fresh pine fills your home, carols float gingerly (see what I did there?), carried by the cool winds of winter and the first few snowflakes fall silently to the ground, where ho-ho-holy crap is that a live snowman wielding a battleaxe?!
Well sap me up and dunk me in a cookie jar if this ain’t something special…

Turns out the nightmare comes before Christmas this year, and with it the second run of War in Christmas Village, a line of quality, replete with personality, unpainted PVC minis that you can use in either dioramas, wargames, or whatever else twisted fantasies you may come up with in your own free time. That’s really none of our business…

The original range, funded in February of 2017, produced, and ready to make its way to backers, is now expanded upon with some beautiful new minis the likes of which your tabletop has been sorely lacking!
Two boxes whose contents range in size from mimic-style presents to a full-blown Christmas Treeman (and with an arbalest-laden Mrs. Claus spliced in for good measure) are here for the taking and fall into what we feel are fairly decent pledge ranges for something this unique.

You could say that on this current day of Xmas your Gung-Hos gave to thee a project to have you go tee-hee! Or some other, funnier rhyme...