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Today’s Starter, Stalingrad: Inferno on the Volga!
Funding Goal: US$ 11,761 (Funded)
Funding Deadline: December 30th 2017

If the name of our website hasn’t tipped you off, we’re big WWII buffs. And we’re also East-European (Romanian to be precise) so it’s not at all a stretch to realise how we got all hyped for today’s featured game - the conflict contained therein is close to our hearts both geographically as well as an overall theme.

Solo, two-player and multiplayer versions are available for this wargame that depicts the terrible conflict that took place in and around the streets of Stalingrad, pushing the gameplay variants up to 4 modes of mayhem that intersperses card play in the proceedings.
Units are depicted in the tried-and-true method of wooden blocks that have their type and strength facing away from your opponent so that a certain fog of war hovers over proceedings until units actually get in position and open fire at each other. Those of you who have any experience with games like Stratego may be familiar with this concept.

One of the great things that Inferno brings to the table is the painstaking detail with which the city of Stalingrad itself has been recreated. A copious amount of period photos taken by the Luftwaffe were gathered, processed, colourised, and edited together to bring players not only an amazing rendition of the battlefield to play on, but a couple other map variants that they can use for display or collection purposes.
The game is well above funded, has been extensively playtested and seems to have garnered a high amount of praise, and we say that’s with good reason!

If you’re looking for a low complexity, 40-60 minute wargame that can have its complexity turned up with modules to add to your collection, join us in giving this project the support and respect it deserves! And although the statement might be regionally removed from the Russian front, we’re gonna say it anyway: it’s time to gung-ho for Stalingrad: Inferno on the Volga!