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Today’s Starter, Tripods and Triplanes!
Funding Goal: US $30,000 (Funded)
Funding Deadline: December 20th 2017

What more is there to be said about Ares Games?
They’ve successfully delivered on a second edition of one of the world’s most popular thematic wargames, War of the Ring. Did we say one of the most popular? We meant of the best.
Arguably THE best, in many respects. And we can fight you on that! They’ve brought back Age of Conan from the beyond, hoisted the colours in Sails of Glory and flew straight into the face of conflict with its airborne counterpart, Wings of Glory, among other endeavors.

Now, they marry aerial and ground-based warfare with a tinge of the bizarre in bringing one of the most beloved and currently underused sci-fi settings to the tabletop. Move over, Star Wars, there’s a new kid in town… And by kid, I mean a lumbering behemoth of 100+ years, taking one of the best and most fun aerial combat systems there is today and splashing giant, humanity-obliterating tripods into the mix.

And if the idea of going pew-pew (or RATTATTATT!) from WWI-era biplanes against giant tripods (well, giant relative to the 1/144 scale of the game) isn’t enough to get you hyped, let us underline the fact that the minis are awesome, the company Customer Service is amazing, and this whole campaign is backwards-compatible with any Wings of Glory items you may currently have in your collection.

So wipe the memory of the missed opportunity that was the 2005 movie, and take part in an experience that hits on all (alien and earthly) cylinders!