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Today’s Starter, Tales of Baneheath - Red!
Funding Goal: US$ 19724
Funding Deadline: January 14th 2018

Described as the “delightfully twisted brainchild of Finnish Artist Henri Ruukki aka Nurminen and British Writer J Craig Melia” per the Baneheath website, the first thing that hooked us on this campaign even before knowing anything else about it was the art.

In a day and age when picture tracing and more 100% digital painting than you can shake a Photoshop brush at are becoming the norm, Red, the first chapter in the Tales of Baneheath saga, is entirely handpainted. Frame for frame.
We felt like taking a step back and really thinking about that for a second when we first read it.
The style itself is tremendous, brimming with personality and uniqueness when it comes to singular portraits and landscapes, but realising that every single frame is a miniature painting in and of itself really sets this one apart.

Dealing 4 with hardened protagonists eeking out a living in a harsh and unforgiving environment, Red promises to deliver adventure, intrigue, supernatural forces, and constant danger in a land ravaged by years of drought and oppressing empires.
All of this in a 56-page A4 format comic that still has our hearts fluttering in anticipation.

In a day and age where the stories and art play second fiddle to other aspects that have dilluted the essence of comics, and with the guys citing influences such as Hellboy, Frank Frazetta, John Carter of Barsoom, and the Strugatsky Brothers’ Stalker, you know this projects has its heart firmly in the right place.

We encourage you to check out the news section of the website and help giving birth to an exciting, new IP.