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Today’s Starter, Cock Block!
Funding Goal: US$ 6,500 (Funded)
Funding Deadline: December 23rd 2017

Ah, yes, it’s a tale as old as time…
Boy goes to bar, boy sees girl, boy walks towards girl, then any of 150 thousand things ranging from her “friend” to outright nuclear chaos happen simultaneously and prevent boy from meeting girl and hitting it off… Only with chickens!

Yes, you heard that right, Canadian-based Kevin’s Got a Gun (which is a boardgame company, go figure!) are trying to capture the essence of bar hook-ups with your mates (or mates-ettes with the recently-added Chickspansion that switches the roles around) by packaging it all up in poultry and taking the cock puns to a new level, all the while keeping the tone very tongue-in-chick.
The art style is great, the mechanisms seem to encourage a very fast, free-flowing game that can still be deep enough for the more involved gamers, and they’re already picking up steam towards what we think is a very realistic and achievable funding goal for a fledgling company.

If ever there was a game to throw a casual “Don’t get cocky!” at your opponents, this is it. We hear there’s no real reason to even read the rulebook as most people can just wing it. You do need to make sure not to run afowl of your friends, lest they beat you back down the pecking order.

I think that’s our pun quota reached for the month...
So flex your drumsticks and dust off your most eggciting pickup lines, cause this one’s about to take the coop by storm in its aim to ruffle some feathers!

No, really, we’re done. We wouldn’t blame you if you never clicked on a GHG link again.

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